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**All Prices do not include GST or Delivery


Our Greenhouses come with tin and fiberglass siding and roofing. We can them with a deck or without a deck. We can also add boxes to the inside in two different styles, U boxes or Fork boxes



Our Gazebos can be built with a cottage style roof or a gable style roof. The floor is made with treated deck boards.

Shed 2.jpg


Our sheds can be built to suit many specifications, you can choose the size of the shed, color of siding, vinyl siding or metal siding, shingles or tin roof, and how many doors or windows.


Horse/cattle/calf shelters

We make shelters to suit Cows, Horses, and Calves. We can also add an enclosed tack room for storage.


Modular sheds

Our Modular sheds are built in 12' long sections that are bolted together when delivered. You can add as many middle sections as you like.

Chicken coop.jpg

Chicken coops

Our Chicken coops can be insulated or non insulated. They have a sliding door you can open to collect eggs, removable door for easy cleaning, and a rope system to open the door the side door.


Bin Floors

We build bin floors to suit different sizes of bins.

Hip barn.jpg

Custom buildings

Contact us for a quote or to work out exactly what you want


Wood Storage Building

Our wood storage buildings are built similar to our cattle and tack shelters, but include a rough lumber floor in the open area.

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In stock

View the buildings we have in stock and ready to sell

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